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Environments Service Request Form

Is the site occupied by tenants?

Please check the box to confirm that you have read the Environments Service Request Terms and Conditions


Please review all required information below before scheduling commissioning


Required Preparation For Start-Up/Commissioning 


  • All equipment shown on the Bill of Materials in your submittal has been received and installed.

  • An electrician familiar with the installation will be available with ladders/lifting equipment. (if required)

  • Arrangements must be made for representatives of the end user to be on site for orientation and training. (if required) There are no allowances made for return training visits unless specified in the Bill of Materials.

  • Please note any special security measures (surrender of IDs, security clearances, escorts, training classes, etc...) required to access the site and/or Lighting Control Equipment.

  • Any special training/safety classes required to access site?

  • All as-built documentation is completed, accurate and submitted at least one week prior to the commissioning date.



The as-built documentation must include:


  • Time Schedules, Switch Function Identification, Desired Sequence of Operation for each area.

  • Serial numbers, MAC addresses, Device ID stickers must be documented per instructions on submittals. Requirements vary by manufacturer. Incomplete device documentation may result in additional billable on site time.

  • Other programming information that may be required for a fully functioning system.

  • All equipment shown is wired to the proper loads.

  • All low voltage switches have been installed, wires run and If using a photo sensor, it must be installed, wires run and terminated at the proper input.




Daylighting Readiness:


  • The flooring (carpets, finished floors, etc..) have been installed.

  • The wall treatments have been completed.

  • All furniture (desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc..) have been unpacked, cleaned, and installed.

  • Any window blinds or shades have been installed and fully operable.

  • Any skylight diffusers or louvers have been installed and are fully operable.

  • All lighting fixtures are installed, have been tested and are operating correctly.




Extra Trip Charge:


If extra trips, or extra time on site is required due to site readiness or installation problems, additional charges will result. This extra work will require a new purchase order.


Extra trip cost will depend on assessed amount of remaining work caused by incomplete installation.


NOTE: If a return trip is necessary to complete the commissioning for a project with proper wiring and installation, the return trip will be non-billable.


Cancellation Charge:


In the event you cancel your confirmed date without reasonable notice, you may be charged to reschedule.


Less than 3 business days - $500.00


4-7 business days - $250.00

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