Building the Office of the Future

Environments’ patent-pending, custom-designed metaverse solutions drive connection, accessibility, efficiency, wellness, and so much more. Built upon our proprietary intelligent building management software, our metaverse solutions unlock incredible business and brand potential.  

Elevated Environments App (Patent Pending)

Environments’ industry-leading metaverse builds are incredible tools for your office of the future. Expand your office, business, and brand into the metaverse with a tailored digital twin designed to create impactful connection and positive business and workplace culture transformations. 

Half of the image is the virtual twin metaverse office, the other half is the actual office to compare
Welcome to your best workplace, the workplace of the future. 
realistic metaverse virtual twin office

Your metaverse environment seamlessly blends your physical and digital connections and interactions, productivity applications, assets, controls, and more. Tangible in-office technologies like Smart Glass installations, specified for your space by your Environments team, offer simple and hyper-real bridging of your in-person and virtual environments. Connect and work in two environments at once. 

Metaverse features and abilities 
  • Create access and connection for all employees and work styles

  • Promote a well-connected community and workplace culture 

  • Discover new opportunities for efficiency and productivity 

  • Offer memorable brand experiences and impressions for all users, visitors, and customers 

  • Grow and work beyond physical circumstances or limitations 

  • Technology at your fingertips with no headset or special equipment needed 

  • Design exciting experiences and personalizations for users 

  • Protected and responsible handling of company and personnel data 

Environments metaverse virtual twin entrance with Elevated Environments IoT hub
Inside the office with the IoT Elevated Environments HUD
Individual standing in the Elevated Environments metaverse with IoT HUD activated on the left

Utilizing the Elevated Environments app and your custom-built metaverse environment creates lasting and holistic value. 

Built for
Owner icon of a person with a house

Your metaverse environment is customizable to your needs and designed to bring you a holistic connection to your business, brand, and people. Giving you the power to operate with a technology-forward approach, our software presents the complete package for competitive positioning.

Facilities icon of a skyscraper

Your custom metaverse environment allows facilities teams a modern and flexible way to access and adjust your space as needed. It’s never been easier to optimize for both comfort and efficiency! Should something need attention, facilities teams can pinpoint recalibration and maintenance needs and schedules. 

Occupants and Guests icon of two people at a distance between each other
Occupants and Guests

Employees and visitors alike, across all preferences and needs, have a place to find a real-time connection to and information about both physical and virtual environments. Your metaverse environment is designed to provide rich interactions and experiences that are true to your brand and culture.