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At Lighting Environments, we believe in creating atmospheres where people and ideas can grow. We are a lighting representative agency with a passion for design and nearly 50 years of serving DC, Maryland, and Virginia markets. We specialize in lighting and lighting controls solutions for projects ranging from commercial to residential, retail to industrial, and everything in between.  


Together with our sister company Environments, an IoT integration company, we create beautiful, functional environments where humans and technology work in unison. We envision a world where technology seamlessly enriches lives.   




A company is nothing without its employees. And company culture is our personality – It’s the wonderfully unique combination of all of our employees’ characteristics, qualities, and mindsets that form our distinctive character as an employer. Our culture guides our interactions with one another and impacts us beyond our jobs.  

As an individual contributor at Lighting Environments, you bear a critical responsibility in shaping our company culture and creating a positive working experience for those around you. Working at LE could be the greatest professional experience of your life… but it takes all of us to make this reality. This includes:  


Establishing relationships

  • Get to know one another! We don’t expect you to find your new best friend, but you will discover common ground that will make working together with colleagues easier and more enjoyable. Introduce yourself, welcome new faces, and be thoughtful to include others where possible. 

Having courageous conversations

  • At LE, we believe open communication, combined with mutual respect, can solve the majority of any issues we may encounter. As a first step in solving issues, we promote speaking to the other party directly to voice your thoughts calmly and respectfully or to clarify misunderstandings… regardless of the other party’s title or tenure. If this first attempt proves unsuccessful, management and HR can be involved to assist you. Note: This does not include any concerns with major violations of policy. Those should be directed to HR immediately.

Building one another up

  • Encouragement and peer-to-peer recognition of effort, progress, or milestone successes can go a long way. In fact, a few simple words can change someone’s day. However, building up others also includes providing honest feedback. If you see something that could be approached differently or in an easier manner, share your suggestions and insight. As a team, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. So, take time to teach, help others improve, and share lessons learned from your own mistakes.  

And most importantly, remember that we’re all human!

  • Mistakes will happen. A mistake is defined as an action or judgement that is misguided or incorrect. A mistake is not repeating the same actions over and over, resulting in the same errors (that’s insanity!) or egregious acts of misconduct.  

  • When a mistake happens, here’s what you do… Own up to it! Communicate to those impacted by an error and seek help when needed to mitigate any negative effects. And then we move on. The important part is what you learn from mistakes and what you can share of your lessons learned to prevent reoccurrence in the future. We’re all a work in progress around here, and that’s okay. 

  • Life will happen. Here at LE, we’re all doing our best to make our work lives enjoyable and productive. We want to do our part and see our Company succeed. However, sometimes real life can create some challenges. Be understanding and adapt where possible.



The Application Project Manager is responsible for oversight of the Elevated Environments proprietary application and virtual & augmented reality platforms development. In this role, the project manager serves as the liaison between the business and technical aspects of the project(s). This role is also responsible for identifying software problems and determining their root causes for purposes of quality assurance. 


A day in the life of an Application Project Manager may include the following:

  • Providing day-to-day project leadership and oversight through planning, establishing milestones and deliverables, delegating tasks, initiating work, and managing company applications and virtual & augmented reality platforms

  • Coordinating internal stakeholders, third-party resources, and contractors for flawless execution of tasks

  • Clearly communicating business needs and technical requirements to all necessary internal and external parties 

  • Facilitating routine project meetings with necessary stakeholders

  • Participating in product design reviews with the Product Designer and providing input on functional requirements, product designs, or potential problems 

  • Providing feedback and recommendations to developers on software usability and functionality

  • Developing testing protocols that address areas such as, database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests or usability 

  • Designing test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures

  • Monitoring progress and system performance to ensure deadlines, standards, and project budgets remain within scope

  • Maintaining oversight of project schedules, including gathering information from internal and external parties, and professionally communicating any impacts to project timelines with a focus on excellent customer service

  • Involving all relevant stakeholders in resolution of issues, reporting and escalating to management as needed

  • Establishing and updating project documentation and/or project reports as needed, such as documenting and reporting software defects to developers and tracking progress to resolution

  • And last, but not least, everyone is expected to step up and help when needed. So, you can plan on performing other duties as assigned.



  • You are curious and aren’t afraid to ask questions or challenge the status quo. You consistently provide new ideas that add value. Seriously… where do you come up with this stuff?

  • You like helping people out! Whether it’s an internal or external customer, you take pride in the relationship you’ve cultivated and meeting their needs. 

  • You pay attention to the details…all of them. No dot-less i’s or cross-less t’s get past you. 

  • You use language skills like a multitool; absorbing and dispersing information, articulating thoughts, and exchanging ideas through both written and verbal forms. You listen actively, write concisely, and speak clearly.

  • You enjoy solving problems. You love taking on difficult challenges and creating solutions. And if you don’t know the answer, you’ll dig until you find one. 

  • Your wheels are always turning. You enjoy collecting information and evaluating it from different angles to identify trends and draw a conclusion.

  • You continuously prioritize and consciously control the amount of time spent on specific tasks. 

  • You’re a genuine wizard with the written word. You take 26 alphabetical characters and arrange them just so to create impactful messaging that clearly conveys your thoughts. 

  • You tend to have a competitive drive, never losing sight of the end game and always have a target you’re trying to achieve. You may be prone to maintaining a to-do list and absolutely love to check off completed tasks.

  • You are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. When things change, it’s no biggie. You just roll with the punches and reprioritize.

  • You are honest with yourself and receive feedback to know what areas you wish to improve. You enjoy pushing yourself to learn something new, whether in a structured, formal setting or exposure in day-to-day activities. You never miss a chance to grow.



In your role, you can expect a combination of days spent working remotely from home and in the Baltimore office. This role is estimated at mostly remote work, with on-site work as needed.


Or in some circumstances, this role may be performed on a fully remote basis. In that case, you can expect to work remotely from the comfort of your own home. However, please note that you may be expected to travel to our Baltimore office for initial onboarding or the occasional major team meeting or event. In instances where travel is significant, you’ll get to experience hotel accommodations with an overnight stay. 




At Lighting Environments and Environments, we offer various competitive benefit programs to our employees.  

  • Competitive Salaries 

  • Incentive Programs 

  • Comprehensive Health Coverage (Medical, Dental, Vision) 

  • Wellness Program, such as on-staff personal training, yoga, HIIT workout and nutrition guidance 

  • Well-Being Support 

  • Life Insurance 

  • 401(k) Retirement and Savings Plan 

  • Work Flexibility 

  • Paid Leave and Holidays 

  • Maternity Leave 

  • Employee Recognition 

  • Personal Development 



  • A bachelor’s degree in information technology, software development management, software engineering, computer science or related field 

  • At least 5 years of experience as a software developer, project manager, managing full-life cycle, enterprise technology projects 

  • Working Experience with or Knowledge of Back-End Development with PHP, C#, C++, Laravel, SQL, NoSQL

  • Working Experience with and Knowledge of Front-End Development with JavaScript libraries and frameworks, Bootstrap, Rest, API

  • Experience with Change Management procedures and documentation

  • Prior experience with software testing tools, procedures, and practices

  • Proven track record working with and leading virtual teams 

  • Experience with MS systems, SharePoint/ONEDRIVE, and PM Tools such as ClickUp, Slack


  • PMP, Agile or ITIL certification 

  • Familiarity with IoT building control systems 

  • Working Experience with and Knowledge of Game development with Unity 

  • Working Experience with and Knowledge of Mobile App development with React Native

  • Familiarity with Data Analytics and Visualization

  • Interested in Machine Learning


Sound like you?   


"Light rarely comes to those who merely sit in darkness, waiting for someone to flip a switch."   


Flip the switch and apply today!

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