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Baltimore Lighting Environments office plants and cubicles


There are so many powerful IoT technology options available to help you operate, learn about, and optimize your space.


With Environments’ cutting-edge solutions, your most optimized environment is right at your fingertips.

Solutions by Industry
large group of workers meeting at a conference table

Commercial Office

Environments can empower you to build an intuitive space that effortlessly saves money, increases work efficiency, keeps coworkers healthy and happy, boosts both physical and digital security, manages internal property and alerts, and more! Our capable and brilliantly connected systems allow you to access and fully-manage your office space and business from anywhere. You’re never far away or out of the loop.



  • Lighting Controls

  • People Mapping,

  • Germicidal UV Systems

  • Scheduling Systems

  • Remote Building Management Services

  • Key Fob/Card Integration

  • IoT Camera Integration

  • Air Quality Solutions

  • Thermostat Integration

  • & More

Solutions by Systems
Awair air quaility IoT monitor

Air Quality & Control


Tracking and responding to your office air quality is a great way to ensure that occupants and employees are comfortable and breathing well. Ensuring clean, quality air can help promote cognitive function, mitigate airborne viruses, and contribute to an overall comfortable environment.

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