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Elevated Environments App (Patent Pending)

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Elevated Environments

IoT app that makes smart systems smarter
“Building better environments for humans.” 

Technology at Your Fingertips

Elevated Environments, Environments' patent-pending IoT application, gives you the power to control all your smart building systems and IoT products in one place. Imagine what's possible
when your space works with you.

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person holding phone with elevated environments app open reading out desk booking options
Control Systems in Real Time
  • Remotely monitor humidity, temperature and VOCs.

  • Control lighting and sound systems.

  • Access real-time occupancy data from heat maps.

  • Get live camera feeds of equipment and facilities.

  • Deploy clean environment systems.

  • Manage locked doors and key fob access.

  • Get alerts and early notifications.

  • Create a space for clients and coworkers.

Customize Services to Fit Your Needs
  • Monitor and troubleshoot multiple building system settings at once, from one single device, without ever setting foot in the facility.

  • Protect your team and clients with intelligent cleaning systems, contactless meeting features, and emergency response deployment systems.

  • Create a facility command-and-control center with real-time analytics, heat mapping data, and live video streams.

  • Keep information with escalation alerts, team collaboration tools and portals to company information.

person holding phone with application open
person with IoT application open
Convert Efficiencies into Savings
  • Assess real-time data to optimize productivity and expand services.

  • Know maintenance needs before they become a costly failure.

  • Improve energy management and avoid downtime.

  • Optimize space that's beneficial for workers and machines.

  • Building technologies with an IoT backbone allows for the ability to scale in the future.

Built for
owners icon - person with house next to them

Elevated Environments is customizable and designed to monitor multiple locations simultaneously, saving time and money. With features like early detection systems, our system can reduce waste and streamline operations.

facilities icon of a skyscraper

Facilities teams can adjust as needed to optimize efficiency. And when something does go wrong, they pinpoint exactly when systems need recalibration instead of relying on scheduled maintenance.

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Employees and visitors have a place to get real-time information about their environment and can tap into a command and control center for collaboration and information.

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