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Environments Launches Elevated Environments Workplace of the Future Solution

The Elevated Environments Workplace of the Future solution consists of an IoT building management application and customizable digital workplaces, two systems that introduce all-new experience and connection to the workplace.

October 26, 2022 — Environments, a Lighting Environments company and leader in creating hybrid environments through IoT and virtual spaces, has launched the Elevated Environments Workplace of the Future, the company’s approach to a world made better through connection and digitally enriched experiences.

Environments’ Workplace of the Future solution creates a bridge between the physical and digital working worlds, building hybrid spaces that promote efficiency, accessibility, collaboration, and spatial knowledge. Within their personal metaverse workspaces, teams have the opportunity to move through and interact with the digital workplace, engaging with users, workplace tasks, and convenient building controls in real-time. In this first generation of the Elevated Environments metaverse, impromptu conversation and spontaneous collaboration are some of the most important benefits. These experiences suffered during the pandemic and the Workplace of the Future replenishes the loss of collaborative experiences.

Environments’ metaverse program is conveniently incorporated into the company’s Elevated Environments app, which gives business leaders the power to control all smart building systems and IoT products in one place. The Elevated Environments application creates a networked ecosystem for your business’ IoT-enabled technologies, from cameras and sensors to lighting and desk booking. Offering transformative insights to turn ROI, the application — available for both desktop and mobile use — introduces all-new levels of access and management for every business department.

The Elevated Environments individual metaverse environments build upon the company’s digital twin technology, presenting a groundbreaking new way to work and enabling users to experience workplace collaboration and brand connection from anywhere at any time. The metaverse workplace is an experiential digital platform for your entire business. Metaverse environments present opportunities to ideate, explore, learn, and work together.

“Our Workplace of the Future solution is something that we've known was necessary for so long. With all of the planning and thought put into this solution, we are defining a new way to work. Environments is building a new world and a new workforce: one that weaves rich experiences into the office to improve the very core of how we work,” says Erin McDannald, CEO and co-owner of Environments.

This offering will unlock incredible insights for business leaders. With the ability to filter, layer, and compare metrics, the Workplace of the Future quickly delivers insights for agile decision-making.

The Workplace of the Future solution also enables retailers and product manufacturers to explore new brand capabilities in their digital environments through immersive e-commerce, trainings, demonstrations, and interactions that engage customers through immersive experiences.

The Elevated Environments Workplace of the Future solution, through the application and metaverse workplace, empowers leaders to make the best decisions for their business and people through real-time measures, alerts, control capabilities, and impactful collaboration tools.


About Environments:

Environments is a Lighting Environments Company and a leader in creating richly capable hybrid workplaces through IoT and the metaverse. Environments integrates smart, scalable solutions that meet the present and future needs of every space via a networked ecosystem of cameras, sensors, thermostats, lighting controls, speakers, security devices, shades, and more. The company’s Workplace of the Future solution is a holistic toolkit that creates better outcomes for businesses, people, and the planet through its IoT building management application and customizable metaverse workplace environments. To learn more, visit

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