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Environments' Elevated App Unlocks Healthy and Intuitive Spaces Through IoT

Environments, a Lighting Environments Company and leader in built environment solutions and IoT integration systems, has launched Elevated Environments today, September 15th. Scalability and flexibility combine to create a platform that integrates multiple smart building systems and IoT products onto a single dashboard. The new application marks the latest addition to the fast-growing Environments ecosystem and will foster health, connectivity, awareness, and holistic wellness. Users of all types will have the ability to enjoy a safe and healthy community while connecting to their workplace.

  • The all-new app builds healthier, safer, and more efficient environments by leveraging IoT systems supported by Environments.

  • Proprietary Elevated Environments app bridges digital and physical spaces to build a supportive, accessible, and inclusive metaverse.

  • The app facilitates the collection of real-time data and analytics from any environment, at any time, allowing managers and owners to keep a pulse on their space.

The Elevated Environments app helps a company’s workforce be happy, healthy, and productive simultaneously. The app allows business owners and operators to optimize their space and resources while receiving invaluable information and support from a single platform customized to their needs and goals. From people mapping, air quality monitoring, and virus detection to germicidal UV (GUV) cleaning, the Elevated Environments platform will create an abundance of actionable insights to promote workplace health and make complex business decisions a breeze. With functions like the ability to remotely book workspaces, place conference rooms on hold, and locate coworkers, the app seamlessly boosts workplace communication and collaboration. It gives users a choice in how they would like to engage within their workplace community.

“The idea for Elevated Environments originated from a desire to build healthy spaces that can improve both our work and personal lives. We wanted to create a simple way to access the information that our office sensors generate and use that data to the absolute best of our ability to ensure that employees are healthy and happy. Our digital and physical spaces should be connected for our common good and operate with care and compassion,” said Erin McDannald, CEO of Environments. “Our new app is designed to better each user’s life by making a space that ‘understands’ and is genuinely good for them. Elevated Environments means having a workplace that cares about keeping you happy and healthy.”

The app is driven by proprietary software that leverages Environments’ nearly five-decade design and lighting solutions expertise, smart systems knowledge, and IoT product capabilities. Customers can choose which metrics they’d like to track and which technology will best-serve their specific environment and culture, then decide what they want to do with their collected analytics. In addition to health-related integrations, customers can also opt to use inventory management technology, service and maintenance tracking systems, climate controls, smart lighting and shade automation, and more.

The Elevated Environments app helps key company decision-makers prepare for and adapt to changing situations. Features powered by IoT technology help employees and leadership teams excel in hybrid and in-person environments across manufacturing facilities, offices, labs, warehouses, schools, and more. Designed to make spaces and businesses accessible and inclusive, Elevated Environments offers a metaverse that goes beyond the “digital twin” to create the ultimate hybrid work environment that welcomes and connects every individual. Employees, owners, and guests alike will have the ability to interact with their workspace, teammates, and community easily.

“This new app is a wonderfully inclusive solution that will enrich lives beyond the workplace,” says McDannald. “We are so excited to help our customers reach their full potential for productivity, health, safety, cost-savings, and more. Ultimately, we’re building healthier and smarter spaces for humans.”

Built to suit the needs of any customer or user, the Elevated Environments app will inherit the security settings used within your company. Installing and managing the app on an IoT backbone will allow for seamless integration of multiple building technologies and will give owners the invaluable ability to scale in the future, ensuring the future of their company and employees.


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