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Tech Trends of 2022

Tech trends 2022 with a man using his computer, a man using VR, and a woman using her laptop

With so many remarkable advances across software offerings, security capabilities, health considerations and more, 2022 is bound to be a year of powerful change in technology of all kinds. From one industry to the next, the technology around us is evolving and expanding our world. Read along as we explore what's new, what's coming, and what to look out for this year in the tech realm!

Two people communicating with each other through wifi on their laptops

COVID-Responsive Communication Systems: In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, global attention has shifted towards developing methods of virtual communication and interaction that decrease the risk of spreading the virus without sacrificing the benefits of in-person communication. Whether it be in the work environment, education, or personal relationships, 2022 is expected to be a year of new technological advancements in video and virtual communication. Already, businesses are utilizing 5G and high-quality fiber to increase access to the internet for employees, to both improve system security and ensure that workers have more flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Elderly man utilizes Virtual Reality (VR) technology

Accessibility Technology: Independence is extremely valuable, especially during the past few years. As a result, there is high demand for supportive technology that allows all individuals to live comfortably and safely in their homes. For people with disabilities or the elderly, new bio-wearables and smart devices are entering the market with the abilities to monitor heart rate, sleep quality, and other important biometrics through radar technology. This year, we expect to see many residences newly equipped with safety devices that can aid in mobility, improve accessibility, and even alert emergency services when a fall or a change in biometrics is detected.

Person holding a phone that has a graph on it that leads to a solar panel

Advances in Sustainable Energy: We have already seen over the past decade plenty of technology that works to decrease unnecessary energy consumption. Recently, this has become even more of a priority, and as a result, advances in sustainability technology are expected to surge this year. Artificial Intelligence and IoT software are being used to chart and utilize insights on energy usage in buildings and residential spaces in order to simultaneously decrease emissions and increase the responsiveness of human environments to their inhabitants. 2022 will see greater resource efficiency and upgrades in current energy-saving tech, also meaning these devices and softwares will become more widely accessible and available for the public.

Smart IoT application on the laptop connecting to wifi, which connects to the panel controlling the temperature

Connected Smart Systems: In the past, the efficiency and convenience of smart building design has been limited by the incompatibility between different software and hardware developers and manufacturers. It has been a challenge to integrate the controls of separate components in one building, including lighting, temperature control, and communications. We jump-started 2022’s wave of connected smart systems with the release of our Environments app at the end of last year, and the new year will see many more advances towards centralizing control systems and providing fully integrated networks.

Two people in a meeting, one person meeting with the other by utilizing VR technology

Digital Twin Hybridization: While the creation of entirely virtual communication systems and remote interaction have been integral to helping us adapt to the modern era and stay connected to one another, there are certain aspects of the real, physical space that video conferencing have not been able to mimic. In 2022, many companies are transitioning to hybrid workspaces, which combine the best of working from home with the benefits of a physical office presence. This is possible through the use of Digital Twins, virtual recreations of tangible spaces that allow both remote and in-person employees to access the same environment.

Augmented reality is used on the phone to showcase a floor lamp that does not exist in a room yet

Augmented Reality: Virtual and augmented reality are no longer farfetched in 2022, and varying fields—education, employee training, entertainment—are utilizing VR and AR to offer experiences that would otherwise be impossible. Augmented reality especially is seeing huge advancements. With simply a point of your phone camera, your screen can display information about an object, translate text, offer insights, and more. All of this is already possible through some softwares and apps, but in 2022, access to AR and the convenience of using it day-to-day will expand drastically.

Man utilizing VR to see shapes in real time

Metaverse Expansion: Despite being a very current and existing phenomenon, the Metaverse can still seem like a futuristic sci-fi dream or a novelty experience. Already, though, the Metaverse is expanding to become more accessible and plausible for common use. This network of virtual worlds exists in many different capacities already, and in 2022, we will see social connection through the Metaverse become commonplace. With or without a virtual reality headset, avatars will be able to communicate in virtual spaces, and individuals will be able to work with colleagues, play with friends, and interact with each other through the Metaverse.


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