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Fast Company: What the metaverse will (and won't) be, according to 28 experts

Recently, Fast Company asked a group of experts - what will the metaverse look like, and how will it be used?

Environments' CEO, Erin McDannald, shares her thoughts:

"Within our office at Environments, we aim to converge the current workplace with our new digital workspace, and we also wanted the personification of the digital world for people to understand how to work in this digital setting. Our vision of what the metaverse looks like is a digital twin that mirrors what is happening in the physical universe on a real-time basis allowing remote employees and on-site employees to interact in a single branded collaborative environment and allows you to bring your 2D digital world to a 3D world. Those interactions can then be applied to metrics and using machine learning can optimize your business in literally hundreds of different ways."

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