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Makers of The Metaverse: Erin McDannald Of Lighting Environments On The Future Of The VR, AR & MR

In Authority Magazine's latest metaverse piece, Environments CEO Erin McDannald speaks with reporter Fotis Georgiadis about the direction of the industry, metaverse applications, benefits of the metaverse, and so much more. What inspires our growth? What does it take to have a successful career in the industry? Read on to find out!

McDannald says,

"I believe over the next ten years, companies who choose to integrate the metaverse, embracing its value, will see great success. With the societal changes brought on by COVID-19, many workers realized they don’t need to be solely dependent on the physical workplace anymore. The metaverse is being increasingly adopted in the workplace, but will continue to evolve over the next decade."

Click here to read the full interview.


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