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Mann Report: Across the Metaverse

Erin McDannald posing in the Environments Baltimore office

In Mann Publications' latest issue of the Mann Report, Environments' CEO Erin McDannald answers questions to explain the reach, role, and impact of the metaverse. Which sectors could benefit from growth into the metaverse? What are the benefits of having real estate in the metaverse? Read on as McDannald explores these ideas and more.

Speaking about how the metaverse removes boundaries and limitations, McDannald says:

"The metaverse gives architects and designers the unique opportunity to let their creativity run wild without the limitations of space, materials and even gravity! Moreover, spaces are no longer (literally) set in stone, as the metaverse gives architects and designers the capability to go back and update their spaces much more easily, modernizing spaces to new trends, company branding and societal standards."

What could the metaverse mean for you and your environments? Read the full article to learn more.


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