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Understanding IoT: Living and Working in a Connected World

“Smart” devices are making our everyday lives so much easier, and our smart device options are only becoming more and more abundant and exciting. Even better is the way that our smart devices can “talk” to and share data with one another. Doesn’t it feel great when your devices just seem to “know” you? Welcome to the Internet of Things, or IoT.

The “Internet of Things” is the phrase used to describe all of the internet-connected devices and systems that are capable of sharing data wirelessly over the internet and amongst themselves. IoT devices use things like sensors, software and more to collect, utilize, and share all kinds of information related to their function. IoT devices can help you learn about yourself, your business, your assets, and more. These technologies and devices can offer insights, make suggestions, make predictions, and even take action or adjust with little to no human interaction or effort! IoT smart devices work seamlessly to make just about any process or aspect of life easier.

Person utilizing their smart watch

The IoT world includes so many “things.” Technologies of all shapes, sizes, and applications are part of the IoT web. Consider items as large as smart cars. Smart cars, now growing in popularity and availability, have the ability to make and execute decisions that will keep drivers and passengers safe. Smart cars can make calculations to avoid collisions, save travel time, and more. Our modern IoT world even includes items such as sensor-equipped sports equipment, smart watches, tiny keychain tracking devices, and smart toothbrushes that can track your brushing coverage and intensity, offering incentives for good habits and suggestions for a healthier routine. IoT is everywhere!

Given the growing abundance of IoT technologies, it’s no surprise that the Internet of Things can make your work life easier, too. While at work you might benefit from calendar management technology that makes meeting time easier, motion sensors that illuminate your way down the hall, lighting controls that automatically and gently adjust to mimic natural light levels and tones from the sun, smart notebooks that upload your handwritten notes, etc. Depending on your role or industry, you may also rely on IoT devices like inventory trackers, occupancy trackers, cameras with facial recognition, and building security systems.

IoT devices are incredibly helpful at home and in your personal life, too! In fact, IoT devices can help you through your entire day- from before you’ve even woken up to once your head has already hit the pillow. When thinking about IoT at home and in your daily life, think about smart alarm clocks that wake you depending on your sleep patterns, security cameras that alert you when mail or a visitor arrives, smart watches, thermostats that lower the temperature before you get home, pet cameras that can give treats and warn you of barking episodes, etc. The positive impact of these technologies really adds up. Quality sleep, sufficient exercise and essential health reminders or alerts, safe driving, time saved preparing meals, home security, happy pets, and more. All of these systems can effectively teach you about yourself and your everyday space, helping you sustain or improve for a better life.

Collecting data is only part of the equation. Using your data to truly learn and act is what can make for great positive change in your personal life, work life, business, and beyond. This is where IoT technologies really shine. IoT technologies can learn about personal habits, business habits, and employee habits in order to suggest and enact behaviors or changes that could help you save money, save energy, avoid dangerous situations, optimize processes, save time, stay healthy, and beyond. With the right solution and IoT network, there is no limit to your growth and capabilities.

person using both their phone and laptop at a coffeeshop

At Environments, we’re committed creating the perfect IoT management system for you, your business, and your space. We connect cameras, sensors, thermostats, lighting controls, speakers, security devices, shades and more into one intuitive app. Our team will bring your ideal interface to life, enabling you to manage all of your IoT technologies in one place. Imagine what’s possible when you can access your space or entire real estate portfolio from one application with real time data.


Contact us today to learn more about IoT technologies and explore your ultimate IoT management solution.


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